“My Husband wants to use me for money ritual” -Policewoman cries out


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Sergeant Wuraola Babalola who is a Policewoman is seeking the dissolution of her 14 years marriage to her husband, Oladimeji, on money ritual allegation. Sergeant Wuraola who filed a petition against her husband disclosed to the Mapo customary court, Ibadan how Oladimeji always applies different kinds of charms and diabolical items whenever he wants to make love to her.

The Nigerian Policewoman also accused her husband Oladimeji of wife battery. In her words,

“At any slightest opportunity, he stripes me and prevents my relatives from seeing me. He puts charms in my private part whenever he wants to sleep with me”

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Oladimeji who is the husband of the petitioner failed to appear in court to defend himself against Wuraola’s allegations. The court’s bailiff stated that had served several court summons to the Defendant, Oladimeji who resides in Oluyole Estate in the capital of Oyo state, Ibadan.

Wuraola went on to narrate several instances of the maltreatment she suffered in the hands of her husband.

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“He has also buried different kinds of charms in the house chanting my name. My first child saw him do that. “I have evidence of all the charms and how he maltreats me on my cell phone”


The President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade, approved the dissolution of the marriage on grounds of threat to life. Chief Ademola Odunade also granted custody of the three children to Sergeant Wuraola who is the Petitioner, mandating the Respondent to make a payment of N15,000 for monthly feeding allowance. The Arbitrator gave orders to the Clerk to send a copy of the judgement to Oladimeji

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