N1.2 billion Only for Akwa Ibom Lagos Lodge – Udom


The Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Emmanuel Udom has said that his government will be spending N1.2 billion only and not N9.1 billion to renovate the Akwa Ibom government lodge in Lagos.

Recently there has been public outcry over the proposed project, as Akwa Ibom indigenes like many other Nigerians grapple with recession and socioeconomic dilemma only to learn government is spending such monies, especially outside the state.

However Governor Emmanuel assured his people that there was need to embark on the project due to the shoddy and dilapidated nature of the lodge. Information reaching The Herald also indicated his predecessor, Godswill Akpabio had spent a kings ransom staying in hotels in Lagos such as the Wheatbaker instead of renovating the lodge.

Speaking on the issue, Governor Emmanuel said, “Let me correct one mistake, budget is a public document. It is only when people try to change what is in the public document, it is no more than mischief.

“What we have in the budget is a paltry N1.2 billion, paltry sum.

“Let me say, there can only be one governor at a time and God gives a right vision to a right leader at one point in time.

“I think at this moment I need to let people who may not know to know that as at today that Akwa Ibom has a lot of fine property in Lagos.

“Let me also say that you can’t have such asset and allow it to waste.

“An asset is supposed to generate returns, but there are certain conditions you must put the asset under to get maximum returns.

“Some people misquoted the whole thing, saying have you finished building Akwa Ibom State, why are you going to Lagos,” Emmanuel said.

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