Nigerians React to Union Bank staff caught Scamming


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As earlier reported by The Herald, A Union bank staff, Gladys Udia has been arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on a seven-count charge; conspiracy stealing, forgery and alteration to the tune of N3,476,700.00 (Three Million Four Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Seven Hundred Naira.

Nigerians reacted to this, Read reactions below:

 MrBrownJay1 Kai…. indeed, what a man can do, a woman can. OLE, THIEF!!!!

Freemanbobble All these accountant na them scam pass
Dey are the real fraudsters
Boys dey learn from them
Even Most of them dey into the street after working hours

Na so I mistake show one wema bank staff my chat with my woman on continental currency exchange
Unto say the woman use continental currency exchange wire me money and Most Nigeria banks nor dey operate that method
So to make the accountant understand na im I show am our chat on the continental exchange

Shaperly na im this guy just pick my woman name from the messenger
From that day ehnnn
Na so my woman dey complain say different people dey chat am up for Facebook

Jestin: But why is EFCC afraid of our politicians. Their activities have reached epidemic proportions and EFCC is forming blindness to it.

9jayes: Most bankers no go smell heaven

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malanado: 3 million she still dey learn work, you work in a bank for God sake, banks are thieves who rob you in daylight with outgun or red flag

sylve11: make we hear Gladys side of the story too na. undecided cool

Criticaltemp: All the good girls and the good boys have joined the bad gang because of Buhari and hunger… Save us o lord from evil n delivers us from all temptation. Don’t let our village people succeed in their plans against us… Aa for theses ones!!! Hmmm

Risingblue008: Survival of d fittest,d zoo is really a jungle, be strong and wise before u get evicted

ShenTeh(m): For all, I care this woman maybe 100% innocent. If you know the risks attached to being an account officer to an account involved in fraud or the extent of the risks involved by signing, approving, or processing a drawing instrument that eventually turns out to be instrument with which a fraud is perpetuated you will stop running into concluding that the bankers brought to trial in fraud cases are fraudsters.

May justice prevail.

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