Narcos: Run your own drug cartel in new mobile game


Fans of “Narcos,” the Netflix drama about the hunt for Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, will soon be able to build their own international crime syndicates in a new game based on the show.

Gaumont Television, which produces “Narcos” for Netflix, teamed up with game publisher FTX Games for “Narcos: Cartel Wars,” a mobile game set to launch in September. The game will be free to play, offering in-app purchases.

In the game, which is set to be released in September, players will be members of an up-and-coming drug cartel, who will attempt to build their organization through gathering power and earning loyalty.

In the game, players “learn the ropes of running an operation from El Patrón” and can either “choose Plomo and send death squads to take over high value resources” or “choose Plata and hire sicarios” to carry out orders.

Along the way, characters from the show will provide guidance in the rise to power.

A snapshot from the Narcos game from Ftxgames

Source: ftxgames
A snapshot from the Narcos game from Ftxgames.

“We’re huge fans of Narcos ourselves, so we’re thrilled to be expanding upon one of the most dangerous, exhilarating, and creative worlds television has offered in a long time,” says Aaron Berndtson, Head of Business Development for FTX Games.

“Narcos is about a lot more than violence, money and power. We really wanted to explore the moral ambiguity from the show, where right and wrong are subjective. We’re very excited to put these choices into the player’s hands,” he added.

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