Narcos Season 2: Fan Favorite Javier Pena Could Die In Season 2


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Narcos, the Netflix show that follows the life of powerful drug lord Pablo Escobar, was a hit with its debut season and as fans look forward to the release of its sophomore season, theories have started flying as to what may happen.

Be it speculation of the death of Pablo Escobar or that of Pedro Pascal’s slick DEA agent Javier Pena, the rumor machine is in full flight.

You might remember Pedro Pascal from a little known show called Game of Thrones, where he played Dornish Prince Obery Martell.

According to a report by Zap 2 It, a key scene from the season 2 trailer of “Narcos” which was released back in July shows darker turns not just for Pablo Escobar but for DEA agent Pena as well.

The last few minutes of the trailer show Pena is held at gunpoint by Colombia’s greatest drug lord himself. Some fans are of the opinion that he’d receive a bloody death most likely fuelled by the recollection of his death in “Game of Thrones” where he got his head bashed in during a trial by combat.

Fans also expect to see the end of Escobar by the end of season 2 of Narcos mostly because historically Pablo Escobar dies during the war against the Colombian narcos. Historically speaking, Escobar dies at the hands of Colonel Hugo Martinez and his men after a shootout with the Search Bloc in Dec. 2,1993.

“Narcos” season 2 hits screens on Sept. 2 exclusive to Netflix.

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