NASRDA predicts total lunar eclipse in Nigeria on Monday

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The National Space Research and Development Agency, (NASRDA) has announced that Nigeria is among the countries expected to witness a total lunar eclipse next Monday.

In a statement published through the agency’s media and communications lead, Felix Alle,  the eclipse will most likely run from Sunday to Monday.

It reads:

“There will be a lunar eclipse over Nigeria on Monday, Jan. 21, 2019. The eclipse, expected to be total, will begin in the evening of Sunday and end on Monday.
“The eclipse will start across Nigeria in the early hours of Monday at approximately 3:36 am to reach its maximum at 6:12 am and end at about 6:43 am. The total duration of the occurrence over Nigeria will be three hours and 15 minutes.”

NASRDA predicts total lunar eclipse in Nigeria on Monday

Alle further explained that the moon will begin to turn reddish around 4:33 am, causing a partial eclipse to occur at that time.

He also stated, “at exactly 5.41am, a maximum eclipse of the moon which may be visible to human sight will be witnessed, while the moon eclipse is expected to end at 6.43am”.

The media lead later mentioned that the next eclipse is not expected to occur until 2021.

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