National Embarrassment: Visiting World Muslim Leader’s Phone Stolen In Abuja


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In what is considered to be a national embarrassment, the mobile phone of visiting Executive Secretary of the World Muslim League Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullahi bin Abdul, has been stolen in Abuja.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had on Thursday declared open the International Islamic Conference on Peace and Stability in the nation’s capital.

To underline his importance at the conference, Dr. Abdul was given the honour of leading Friday’s Jumat prayers at the National Mosque.

As a result, a heavy security protection was accorded him throughout the prayers by the security agencies present.

After the prayers, security was reportedly relaxed, allowing other dignitaries present to mix and interact with the Islamic scholar.

It was immediately after this that the cleric discovered his mobile phone was nowhere to be found, a situation that sources said have made him ill at ease.

The situation was said to have caused an embarrassment to all present – including the cleric, diplomats and other dignitaries.

A source said the security agencies are doing everything possible to ensure that the phone is found.

However, the source said it was not immediately clear if the Close-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera present at the National Mosque was working at the time of the incident, which could have given an invaluable clue as to what happened.

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  1. Elakes says

    I am glad no poor man was in the gathering except for diplomats and dignitaries

    This therefore shows that even among distinguished persons there are criminals, thieves.

    Whereas I can agree that the dignitaries present are party stalwarts and loyalist

    The question now is which party loyalist made up the dignitaries present?

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