NBA honour Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant in all-star game


Kobe Bryant, 41, and his daughter Guinna Bryant, 13, were killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

It was a sad day for the NBA and the sporting world even beyond sports as the world lost a gem in Kobe.

The NBA has announced a new format for the game that will increase the level of competition, provide additional excitement, and make the outcome of every quarter count for charity.

The new format

  • Both teams captain by LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo will play for Chicago-based community organizations.
  • They will compete to win each of the first three quarters each of which will start at 0-0 and last 12 minutes.
  • The community organization selected by the winner of each quarter will receive a hundred thousand dollars.
  • At the start of the fourth quarter, the game clock will be turned off and a final target point will be set. This will be determined by the leading team’s total cumulative score and adding 24 points Kobe Bryant jersey number. For example, if the cumulative score at the end of the third quarter is 50-45 the final target score will be 74.
  • The fourth quarter will be untimed and the first team to reach the final target score wins.
  • The winning team will win $200,000 for its chosen community organization.

Lakers president and owner of controlling shares Jeanie Buss said “We are grateful to have you in our lives and we will always be here for you,” she wrote on Instagram.

“To the families that also lost loved ones on Sunday, the entire Laker family mourns with you. Laker Nation – we are one family grieving the loss of people we all loved dearly. We will mourn together, cry together but we will also heal together, love together and win together. We love you.”

Golfer Justin Thomas was photographed wearing a Bryant jersey at the Phoenix Open in honour of Kobe Bryant and Tony Finau was photographed wearing a Kobe Bryant Basketball shoe on the Golf course.

NBA honour Kobe Bryant

NBA honour Kobe Bryant

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