NDDC Probe: Nigerians react as Akpabio reveals 60 percent of projects are awarded to Lawmakers


Godswill Akpabio, Minister of Niger Development Commission (NDDC) has alleged that 60 percent of the commission’s projects are awarded to lawmakers, disclosing the two Panel Chairmen were aware of the projects.

However, the Minister could not elaborate on these allegations as he had exhausted the time slot for speaking

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Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to this new revelation


Akpabio just accused members of the House committee on NIger Delta of being beneficiaries of 90% of contracts awarded by the NDDC. He specifically pointed out that the two chairmen can explain better. And the members of the panel have been shoutig “order!! It is okay!!”


Chai….Akpabio just knocked and provoked them, saying most of the jobs of NDDC are being given to legislators. The chairman had to stop him I told you guys but the probed and the probee are all culpable in the NDDC thievery


Who else noticed how Akpabio deftly dropped the allegation that 60% of NDDC contracts were awarded to National Assembly members? I may have missed it but it appears the lawmakers missed it too Grinning face

. I hope this nice little revelation doesn’t spell the end of the #NDDCProbeFace with tears of joy


Akpabio just drop the bomb; most of the contracts in #NDDC are awarded to members of the house. Then the committee chairman race to stop the female member to halt argument. First what is the end goal for the probe? If there is no end goal nothing will come out! #NDDCProbe


They had to end it. If not Akpabio might even mention names. And the NASS members involved might even faint. Lmao One way.


If Akpabio had continued, we’d have witnessed another slump, this time from a comiteee member

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