BBNaija: Neo Dragged Online For Washing Vee’s Pant


Big Brother Naija housemate, Neo was on Wednesday caught on camera washing his significant other, Vee’s pants.

Nengi had noticed that Vee was lamenting that one of her underwear was missing after the Lipton task.

But, she immediately took notice of the self acclaimed entertainer still scrubbing the underpants and other cloths.

Reacting, Nengi who was taking aback by his gesture, said Vee was a lucky girl.

However, Vee retorted saying that the Warri-born housemate was washing her underwear because she is a clean girl all round.

Nengi said, “Wow Vee, you are such a lucky girl, Neo even washes pants.”

Vee responded, “He knows I am a clean girl, that’s the reason.”

By popular opinion my Nigerians have taken to social media saying he was disgracing men, while some fans of the show claimed it’s a sign of love.

Here are some comments that reached social media:

@iammemzy, “Neo is washing Vee’s pant.
Jisos! Why are men disgracing me these past days.Even Nengi is shocked.”

@Edikan_v, “So what if Neo washed pant? is it a crime? Guys, keep washing pant if it makes you happy. Don’t let men on twitter tell you what you should or shouldn’t do for the woman you like.”

@henryagu, “So men are going to make an issue of washing pant because Neo did. If you wash pant, your hands will not wither.”

@kaydeyofficial, “You all are dragging Neo because he washed pant for Vee, meanwhile most of you have done it and more but when it comes to her washing your boxers, you all will be so comfortable and praising her a wife material.”

@edintocho, “Neo washing Vee’s pant on a reality show is just stupidity on a high level.”

@victorAlex4, “Neo washing Vee’s pant last night. Warri boy don finally carry last.”

@kingozaz, “Women can wash your pant and nobody will talk but when a man wash a woman’s pant it becomes a big deal.”

@Indicejnr, “If it was ozo now they’ll all say Nengi is controlling him, meanwhile ozo has never washed clothes for Nengi.”

@idyrez, “So all this while we taught it is Ozo who is the Ozwor, little did we know that Neo is busy washing Vee’s pant. Dear Ozo, we’re sorry for ridiculing you all this while.”

@sortedtv_1, “Neo was trying to play smart at first like, he had no clue he was washing Vee’s pant and Vee went to cast him.”

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