Netflix, Why Can’t We Watch House of Cards Season 4 in Nigeria


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Dear Netflix,

I am Nigerian, I watch House of Cards, I have been watching House of Cards since the series premiere.

I have followed Frank and Claire devotedly, why is it that I cannot watch Season 3 in Nigeria. When Netflix came to Nigeria, we jumped in excitement, because finally we can watch the series as they are released.

My friend paid for a subscription the very day the news broke, I told her I was going to wait for season premiere of the Netflix shows I love. When I say Netflix shows I love, I am referring to Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

So she called me on Friday evening to give me the bad news and believe me Netflix, I was dejected.

How can you claim that Season 4 is not available in Nigeria. Don’t mix it up, Nigerians didn’t subscribe to Netflix because they want to watch old shows or Nigerian movies.

We have Iroko, Afrinolly, Okiki and many others for that. We want to stay connected to the American shows we have grown to love.

I have been watching American TV shows since I was a teenager. I used to stay up all night to watch Ally McBeal, Jennifer Aniston was my favorite character in Friends.

I watched House through all Eight seasons, I cried while watching the Series Finale because finally, Greg’s witty sarcasm will not be a part of my life anymore.

Today, I still sing Warren Zevon’s Keep Me in Your Heart because truly, I will always keep House and the fact that Everybody Lies in my heart.

We might be a nation of poor and corrupt people, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to unwind.

Around the time I was born, my brother heard Don William’s Amanda, he became so enamored, he named me Amanda, albeit a name I bear with pride because it’s tells a sweet story.

The other day, a guy passed my house and I heard him playing Adele’s Hello, I laughed because that shows that many Nigerians caught the Adele fever too.

Adele defines every stage of my life and the fact that her music speaks to my soul is the reason why I a big fan.

So much for the cultivation theory, we are defined by the shows, music and movies that transcends us to another world, African, American or Asian, we all have the same human feelings.

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