Netflix Child Porngraphy Scene Exposed


Popular online streaming service Netflix has resorted to going to the extreme in its bid to entertain its viewers as one of their films being aired contains child pornography.

The 10th largest internet company aired an Argentinian film named “Desire” which starts with a scene of two little girls playing with pillows innocently at first then all of a sudden started ridding the pillow like a horse.

The older girl child in the scene began to moan and started touching areas of her body which clearly showed that she was masturbating while the younger girl stared at her as she performed the act.

Photo from the scene below:

Photo from Netflix Desire scene

To make it more explicit, the camera is zoomed to the older girl child’s face and it showed her facial expression in ecstasy and her bouncing on the pillow like a professional porn star.

After getting numerous bad reviews from Netflix viewers and movie critics, Netflix is still headstrong about stopping the movie from airing.

The director, Diego Kaplan said the scene was filmed to copy a John Wayne movie and that the girls were oblivious of what was actually going on during production.

Neflix has yet to give a statement concerning this matter.

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