Netherlands to ban using mobile phones while cycling


The Netherlands plans to prohibit the use of mobile phones on bicycles with offenders to face a 109-dollar fine.

Phone use while cycling is dangerous, Justice Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus, told Dutch radio on Friday.

“We will make it very clear to people that this is the new norm in traffic and that we will have strict checks,’’ Grapperhaus said.

The ban is due to be introduced on July 1, and is aimed at reducing the number of bicycle accidents.

In 2017, 207 people were killed by bicycles.

Experts estimate that the use of mobile phones is the cause of every fourth bicycle accident.

In the Netherlands, one out of every four people uses their mobile phone while cycling to make phone calls, listen to music or text.

The use of the mobile phone while driving a car has long been prohibited.

If you get caught you have to pay a 240-euro fine. (dpa/NAN)

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