New Flying Rules Post Covid-19


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Just as the government of Nigeria adds another 4 weeks of airspace closures to previous restrictions, New travel rules are being implemented by major airlines across the world to combat the spread of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Many Nigerian air travelers will find the new rules intimidating, however.

For example, the new rules stipulate you have to raise your hands in the event you need to use the toilet. Another makes facemask wearing on-board compulsory. Then there are rules on how to queue when checking in at the airline stand in the airport. You are expected to maintain a 6 feet gap between you and the next passenger, whilst wearing a face-mask all through the time.

You are mandated to arrive much earlier if you have to make a flight, these days.

For long haul flights, walking around the aisle for in-flight exercise is suspended for now unless supervised by the flight crew. And then as soon as a vaccine is discovered for the COVID-19, you will have to provide documented evidence that you have received a dose of the vaccine before you are allowed to fly.

You will also be mandated to have your body temperature checked at various points, pre-boarding, on-aircraft, and on landing.

You will also be made to sign acceptance documents to enable contact-tracing on your movement, post-flight in case there is anything suspicious about your health.


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Then you will have to give authority to the airline to decide at no further cost to them, where to land and off-board you in the event that there is a prohibition on landing at designated airports due to an emergency situation ( inspired by COVID-19). Once that happens, the next best airport on the route will be your landing point, again at no cost to the airline.

These rule changes also apply to non-flying human traffic at the airport. You are to bring a minimal amount of persons to the airport to see you off, in this era of social distancing. Goodbyes are best said at home, not at the airports. Not anymore.

These are the basic changes put in place by aviation safety experts across the world for now. When new data on its effectiveness or otherwise begin to file in when practice begins, IATA will have to review the rules to ensure safety for passengers and crew in the future.


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