New Survey indicates Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC have the highest number of Plastic fans


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A recent survey has revealed that European League Football Club sides, Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC, jointly record the highest number of fickle minded, ‘Plastic Fans’.

By definition, a Plastic fan is such an individual who supports a non-hometown team based on the teams good record.

While it was widely believed that Chelsea FC had the most fans and thus dominated the wing of supporters, the recent survey has proved otherwise.

The study disproved the conjecture that suggested United supporters live in the South as opposed to the north west. In a study of 37,167 YouGov profiles, 11 percent of the club supporters have been found to live nearer to London than Old Trafford.

Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC both have 29 percent of their supporters living in the north west which brings the total number crunch to 40 percent of each club supporter living locally in a cluster.

Tottenham follows on the list with 50 percent plastic fans tolled by Arsenal and Chelsea FC with 52 percent.

The survey also revealed Swansea City to have the most local fans pegging the crunch at 83 percent, followed closely by Stoke City with 82 percent.

West Bromwich Albion, Norwich City and Sunderland also made the top five, occupying the third, forth and fifth position on the survey ranking respectively.

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