New Year Ram Causes Man To Stab Elder Brother In The Neck


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New Year Ram Causes Man To Stab Elder Brother In The Neck
New Year Ram Causes Man To Stab Elder Brother In The Neck

A certain Peter Akinjogun, on Friday, stabbed his elder brother, Femi Akinjogun, to death. during a New Year celebration at Agbado Crossing area of Ogun State.

The Herald did gather that the perpetrator of the crime has a mental health condition.

Reports reveal that the victim, Femi, decided to celebrate the new year with family members by slaughtering a ram.

The incident is said to have occurred when Femi, 42, reportedly asked Peter assist him in butchering the ram.

The request is said to have annoyed Peter, so much so that he grabbed a knife and stabbed Femi in the neck.

Femi was reportedly rushed to a hospital for treatment but was confirmed dead.

The perpetrator, Peter, was later arrested by the Agbado Police Station, led by the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Kuranga Yero.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, SP Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the incident to newsmen.

“The man has been suffering from a mental problem since 2017 and he was taken to a psychiatric hospital in Abeokuta. His elder brother was the one paying the medical bills. The brother only asked him to assist in butchering the ram but he stabbed him. He was rushed to a hospital where he died,” Oyeyemi said.

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Oyeyemi stated that the victim would be returned to a psychiatric hospital.

Sources within the community also disclosed that the victim has a well documented mental health condition and has previously been taken to psychiatric hospitals, both in Lagos and Ogun state.

The man has a mental problem. He was taken to the psychiatric hospital in Yaba but he ran away from the facility. I learnt that he beat a nurse and fled. On the New Year’s Day, his elder brother and some family members were butchering a ram and he asked him to join them. That was all. He snapped and went for a knife. He stabbed his brother in the neck and he bled to death. The deceased has two kids and his wife is heavily pregnant. He was buried today (Saturday). The family is not willing to pursue any case,” a source revealed.

A member of the deceased family, who spoke under anonymity, confirmed the victim’s mental record saying, “I am their brother. The guy (Peter) is mentally-ill and had been hospitalised at the psychiatric hospitals in Ogun and Lagos. We don’t want this issue to escalate.”

Another unnamed source stated that the tragic incident occurred at about 5.30pm on Friday.

The source went further to state that the police were only made aware of the incident by 11pm.

Femi usually slaughtered a ram every New Year’s Day and family members went to his house to celebrate with him. On Friday when they were butchering the ram, he requested Peter to assist them but the younger brother got angry.

Femi chided him and he (Peter) brought out a knife. He stabbed him to death in the neck. His wife witnessed how the incident happened and became unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital where she was stabilised.

Peter is mentally sick. He ran away from the psychiatric hospital where he was being treated, claiming that he was okay,” the source stated.

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