NFSC Chairman Calls for Total Enforcement of use of Face Masks


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The National Chairman, Nigeria Football Supporters Club (NFSC), Samuel Ikpea, has called for the deployment of special Task Force to enforce the use of face masks across Nigeria.

Ikpea told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Wednesday that the step becomes necessary as most people were taking the issue of COVID-19 with levity.

He said the presence of a Task Force in and around the town would go a long way to awake people’s consciousness to the compulsory use of face masks, and the penalty attached by the authorities.

“I think the Federal Government should be stricter about procedures being offered to Nigerians in the prevention and spread of Coronavirus, most especially on the use and wearing of face masks.

“The sensitisation on wearing of face masks has been overemphasised, and most people are still adamant, going about without it, while Coronavirus is spreading like raging fire, killing people.

“It has, therefore, become necessary for the government to station task force in both the cities and suburbs to make people comply with the COVID-19 protocols.

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“Besides, a penalty has been attached to offenders, and nobody is ready to go to prison or pay the fine; so, I strongly believe that with Task Force, there would be total compliance,’’ Ikpea said.

The NFSC chairman said the compulsory wearing of face masks was aimed at protecting oneself from contracting the virus, adding that it must be binding on all, irrespective of personalities or offices.

According to him, the majority of government workers we see on the roads don’t wear face masks, which simply indicate that they are not practising what they preach.

“COVID-19 is real, and I advise Nigerians to take individual precautions not to endanger the health of their families.

“Let’s wear our face masks always; wash our hands with running water; and use alcohol-based sanitisers after touching unclean surfaces,’’ Ikpea pleaded.

He said the wearing of face masks should be part of the dressing, adding that when seen as inconveniencing it was still much better when compared with the inconveniences of being on Oxygen.

“The use of a face mask is a personal responsibility. COVID-19 is real, please be safe, a face mask is better and cheaper than Oxygen,’’ he said.

Ikpea also advised people that wearing of face masks was not for decoration or shows, rather he said, it should cover the nose and mouth properly.

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