‘Ngere, Deputy Immigration Attache must Revoke Travel Certificate against Deportation’ – Prof Alexia Thomas


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*Says: ‘She must die by hanging through Nigerian Justice System’
*Writes Nigerian Embassy: ‘Her actions are Criminal Offence,  Espionage,
Treason, Conspiracy’
*Warns: ‘She will be heavily punished for bringing Shame to Nigeria’
*Echoes: ‘Failure as directed is a guilty of Confederalism crime against
Nigeria, Violates Treaty of Article 9, 13, 15 of UDHR 1948 & Law of Magna

FOLLOWING global uproar generated by the planned deportation of Nigerians
in a chattered flight slated for November 24, 2015 from United Kingdom to
Nigeria, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, a legally registered
British political party has issued a warning letter to the Nigerian High
Commissioner and copied Mrs. C.I. Ngere, Deputy Immigration Attache on an
ultimatum for them to revoke their earlier issued Travel Certificates, TC,
else Ngere would have willingly violated the Treaty of Article 9, 13, 15
of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR 1948 and Law of Magna

According to Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, TCLP, her letter reads:
“Mrs Ngere, definitely you cannot be in denial that you lacked insight of
your actions which has been raised and debated in the media since last
week. Your actions are upsurge: it is a criminal of Espionage, Treason,
Aiding/Abetting, Conspiracy’, which are Capital Offence.

“The Nigerian Government has been advised accordingly and you will be
heavily punished through the Nigerian Justice System, as you have brought
shame to the nation. Your actions to visit Nigerians at the Detention
Centers on November 5, 2015 is evidential that you are a traitor to the
Nigerian people.”

On the revocation of TC, President of Independent Diplomat Commission,
IDC, explained warns: “You are advised and automatically mandated to
revoke all Travel Certificates you have issued to the United Kingdom, UK,
Immigration by dutifully sending them an official letter to notify them
you have defected from the conspiracy to see the future of Nigerians in UK
not assassinated.”

Ngere was ordered to write the TC revocation letter to her conspirators
and send a confirmation of her defection on or before 3pm Friday, November
20, 2015 to: [email protected] and ensure she send copies to
Nigerian Immigration in Lagos/Abuja airports.

She laments: “Failure to do so as directed will see the Nigerian
Government and their citizens commit you to death by hanging because you
will be guilty of Confederalism crime against Nigerians and Nigeria as a

Alexia emphasized that the embattled diplomat should know this is not a
diplomatic matter as her actions have shown her to have willingly violated
the Treaty of Article 9, 13, 15 of UDHR 1948 and the Law of Magna Carta.

“Also know now that you will not get British protection because the Treaty
Extradition between Nigeria and Britain stand, so you will definitely be
repatriated to Nigeria to face Justice squarely”, added Alexia.

The world is watching, Nigerians and Commonwealth  members are waiting to
see Nigerian High Commission enforce the UDHR Treaty as stipulated in
Article 9, 13, 15 of UDHR 1948

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  1. Kennedy Nmecha says

    What do you expect from the Zoo call Nigeria where nothing works. All that the know best injustice.Where There is no rule of Law ,corrupt judiciary ,where the hope of a common man is dashed and one cares.Nigeria is a total disgrace to African continent.Is good that good British are seeing the atrocities that the bad British and the Evil Zoo (Nigeria) are commiting ,how lawlessness has taken over in that Animal kingdom call Nigeria

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