How Ngige Won Guber Election And INEC Awarded Ghost Votes To Obiano


INEC prepared three different voters registers for the November 16, 2013 governorship election in Anambra State.

Local Government Electoral Officers had voters registers quite different from the voters registers given to the Collation Officers for the said election and evidences of the use of double voters registers were the reason why both the LG Electoral Officers and LG Collation Officers sharply disagreed in the course of submitting and declaring results local government by local government (see live video/television coverage footages)

Again, another evidence of use of the two different voters registers manifested when the total number of registered voters 1,770,125 million voters in one register cou;d not balance with the votes allotted until the total number of registered voters 1,763,751 million voters in another voters registers was alternatively used

Going by the adopted figures of voters finally used by INEC at the venue of announcement of results of the election, the total number of registered voters is 1,763,751 million, the total number of accredited voters is 451,826 ,total numbr of votes cast is 429,549 votes, the total number of valid votes is 413,005, the total number of invalid or rejected votes is 16,544 and the total number of nullified or cancelled votes is 113,113.

From the results announced by INEC, the breakdown of individual scores recorded for the parties are as follows: AA – 236; Accord – 181; ACD – 471;ACPN – 552; AD – 171; ADC – 642; APA – 1521; APC – 92,300; APGA – 174,710; CPP – 853;DPP – 607; ID – 203; KOWA – 313; LP – 37,446; MPPP – 151; NCP – 254; NNPP – 670; PDP – 94,956;PPA – 5056; PPN – 323;SDP – 231; UDP – 153, and UPP – 621.

The top four parties viz APC scored 92,300 votes; APGA got 174,710 votes; PDP scored 94,956 votes and LP got 37,446 votes totaling 399,406 votes. The other parties scored a total of 13,209 votes

When the total score of 399,406 votes for the top four parties (APC+APGA+PDP+LP) is added to the total score of 13,209 for the remaining parties, the sum total is 413,613 votes.

Therefore, all the participating political parties scored a total of 413,613 votes as against 413,005 allocated to the parties by INEC, showing a difference of 390 votes.. Sources are of the opinion that of the 113,113 cancelled votes, 89,997 votes are from Idemili North LGA, APC candidate, Ngige’s major stronghold and highest in voter strength among LGAs. It is believed that the 89,997 cancelled votes belong to Ngige’s APC but cancelled to whittled down his scores.

Observers are of the opinion that if the 89,997 cancelled votes are added to the 92,300 votes Ngige got, he will lead the pack and be announced as the winner and issued with Certificate of Return by INEC as the governor-elect.

The total number of votes cast is 429,549 and when subtracted from the so-called cancelled votes of 113,113, a total of 316,436 votes is got, which is less than 399,406 votes polled by a combination of just four top runners (APC+APGA+PDP+LP), or even the total of 412,615 votes allocated to all the parties in the election.. What this means is that the number of votes for the four top candidates is higher than the total number of valid votes cast in the election.

Again, if, according to INEC’s allocated figures of 429,549 is the total number of votes cast, it means that 316,346 votes were recorded after subtracting the cancelled 113,113 votes.

APGA’s candidate, Wille Obiano should have 91,740 votes but INEC went ahead to allocate an additional 82,970 votes in order to push his figure up. If Obiabo is given his due votes of 91,740 votes, he will place third leaving Ngige with the chances f taking the first position while Nwoye will place second.

or statistically, the number of votes allocated to the candidates by INEC is spurious and fraudulent. Even more fraudulent and inexplicable are the high percentage of polling units and areas in Ngige’s domain which are substantially enough to determine who wins the election if conducted freely, fairly and credibly.

005(Ogunamba Sq)
010(Esther Obiakor Estate)
003 ( Abbot Girls S/School),
011(Abbot Girls S/School)
003(Comm. Central school),
014(Boys Sec. Sch
OMO 11
008(Ama isi Ogwari Vill Sq)
009(Amaisi Ogwari Vill. Sq
001(C.P.S Ogwuaniocha)
007(Utu camp), 010(Utu Alor)
014(Ashiashia), 016(Unity Pri.  Sch.)
004(Okukwa Hall)
003(Okpu Oba Vill. Sq)
005(Umumabiama &Amaga)
001(Obinagu Sq)
002(Obu Nwankwo Uche)
006(Obu Okofia)
16 Units all
40 Units all
28 Units all
23 Units all
9 Units all
16 Units all
004( Oba Hall)
003(Okaome memo P/S)
014(Oba Uke Hall)
004(Umunweta sq 1)
015(Umuawo – Umuabidi)
007(Nkwoji Sq)
012(Nneme sq)
015(Iyi agwu farm camp)
014(Uruezeakwa  Center)
015(Uruezeakwa Center)
017(Ubaha Village hall)
016(Igweamaka Pri. Sch)

The areas where the supplementary election would hold include three poling units in Ayamelum local government (1247 voters), one poling unit in Anambra East (250 voters), six units in Anambra West (2000 voters), one unit in Anaocha (276 voters), two units in Awka North (1356 voters), one unit in Aguata (310 voters) and one unit in Awka South (249 voters).Others are three units in Ekwusigo (884 voters), two units in Idemili South (800 voters), one unit in Onitsha North (484 voters), 17 units in Onitsha South (12299 voters), four units in Orumba North (588 voters) and four units in Oyi (1202 voters).

The 210 polling units made up of 113, 113 registered voters are scattered in 15 LGAs of Idemmili North 160 polling units, Ayamelum 2,Anambra East 3, Anambra West 6, Anaocha 1, Awka North 2, Awka South 1,

Aguata 1, Ekwusigo 3, Idemmili South 1, Ihiala 2, Onitsha South 17,Onitsha North1, Orumba North 4 and Oyi 4.

But INEC rather than toe the line of electoral decency,chose electoral impunity, making policy summersault in is illogical defence. Questions recall like decimal, how much did Jjega t that all of a sudden, he no longer listens to voice of reason and is surprising his admirers with his overdue delay to resign even without the consensus opinion that as become a pointer.Suddenly, Jega’s words no longer couns as is seen as a jega-haga statement.Why not if Jjega can call for a supplementary election against an obvious option of conducting a fresh election after INEC has declared result of the November 16, 2013 and declared it inconclusive.

The Electoral Act 2010 as amended points to recourse to a court of law for the determination of the matter which is obviously an inconclusive election. Jega thus has a duty to organise a fresh election and will be held responsible for any bloodbath that will trail his unpopular move to conduct a fresh poll that is dead on arrival. It has been said elsewhere that Jega and his sponsors and Big Ogas in the Presidency are using Anambra State to test run the seeming hatched plan to disintegrate Nigeria come 2015.But we say no using the Anambra confusion that s the governorship race.

One of the major actors in the election, which was widely condemned as “flawed” and “shameful”, described the election as a “disaster”. Dr. Chris Ngige, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, said: “We have on tape a policeman thumb printing for APGA and INEC officials running away with election materials.” Ngige was angry as he spoke at a press conference in Awka, the state capital. He said: “This INEC used students instead of members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to starve us of election materials. All the electoral officers were all compromised, like the one in Idemili North who deliberately acted on the orders of INEC and APGA. “Students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka here were used as poll clerks just to find fault in APC and to favour their lecturer, Dr. Nkem Okeke, who ran as deputy to the APGA candidate in the election. “Much more astonishing is that they wore NYSC uniforms because of the election and when they are taught how to perfect fraud, somebody will tell Nigerians that this country will be good. This is the disposition of the personnel that came to work in the election.” Ngige urged INEC chairman Jega to call for the list of the Adhoc staff who worked during the election. “I do not want anybody to favour me or my party APC. Apart from the people from Calabar, every other person that worked during the election had affiliation with APGA,” Ngige alleged. Ngige said APC members had computed that over 600,000 people were denied their voting rights, adding that the 210 units being allocated by INEC to them for the “so-called” supplementary election were not enough. He added that the 16 local government areas being claimed by INEC as places where elections were cancelled was not true. APC, he said, knows that election did not take place in 20 local government areas. Ngige said: “INEC on Sunday came up with what it called supplementary election. The votes allocated to APC during the so-called election on Sunday were fake because we did not participate. “Our stand is clear. The election was fraught with intimidation, with thuggery, with disenfranchisement of our voters and total partisanship by the electoral body.”

In a statement issued in Lagos on Saturday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party also condemned INEC for its apparently-contrived logistic nightmare that has left thousands of voters unable to exercise their franchise, and demanded the immediate removal of Resident Electoral Commissioner for Anambra, Prof. Chukwuemeka Onukogu, for being incompetent and conniving.

APC said it was totally astonished to learn that INEC confirmed that materials meant for Idemili North Local Government, which has 180,000 voters, had been hijacked, without saying who hijacked the ballot papers and why, and without explaining why the materials meant for APGA and PDP strongholds were not hijacked.

Jega has lost control as Comrade Tony Nwoye, the PDP governorship candidate whose name and that of members of his family and constituents numbering over 500 pointed out..

It is established Ngige won, but what can Jega do now that he is under pressure to satisfy his masters and sponsors. How far s Anambra State far from Nigeria’s disintegration because of Jega-Jaga poll? Still waiting on Jega to resign.





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  1. Ade says

    This report doesn’t make any sense to me. Bad report writing.

  2. Chibueze says

    What made this reporter think that the whole 89,997 voters at Idemili would have voted APC? Some people would just decide to go extra miles to find a ocean in the desert.

  3. Chibueze says

    What made this reporter think that the whole 89,997 voters at Idemili would have voted APC? Some people would just decide to go extra miles to find a ocean in the desert.

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