Nick Cave chose documentary to open up about son’s death


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Australian musician Nick Cave is hoping a 3D documentary will help answer questions about his son’s death rather than speaking to crowds of strangers as he promotes his new album.

The Director of the film, Andrew Dominik said.

Cave’s son Arthur, 15, died after falling from a cliff in July 2015. It happened as his father was recording “Skeleton Tree”.

“There was no way he could discuss the record without talking about the context in which the record was made about the death of his son.

“It is not that he does not want to talk about what happened with Arthur, but I think he just didn’t want to do it with a whole lot of strangers.

“His solution was to make a film, which would give him safer space,’’ Dominik said.

The resulting documentary, “One More Time with Feeling”, was screened at the festival in the out-of-competition section.

“The film is not a narrative film, it’s like an experience that’s going to wash over you and 3D has a more sensual quality, you are not thinking ahead, you are sort of surrounded by it.’’
The director is known for feature films such as drama “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

It was challenging to find the fine line of creating a legitimate portrait of a person going through a tragic experience without making it into “grief porn”.

“Maybe the way was just to be honest about the confusion, because the trauma is an ongoing thing, it’s not resolved,” he said.

Dominik said the musician had mixed feelings about the final result, “I don’t know how he could look at that movie in the way anyone else would see it’’.

The Venice film festival runs until Sept. 10. (Reuters/NAN)

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