Niger Delta Avengers At War With Other Militant Group Over Oil Installation Bombing

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The Niger Delta Avengers militant group has declared war on another militant group in the Niger Delta region.

The rift between the two militant groups developed from what the Niger Delta Avengers described as false claims over bombings of oil facilities in the region.

The Avengers militant group accused the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, NDGJM, for claiming responsibility for most of the attacks carried out on pipeline in the region.

In a series of tweets released by the spokesperson of the Niger Delta Avengers militant group, Mudoch Agbinibo, he claimed the NDGJM had falsely accrued the glory of bombing oil installations in the Niger Delta region to itself.

The tweet read: “Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, NDGJM group blowing up of 3-inch and 6- inch flow lines shouldn’t give you wings.

“NDGJM, why not try your hands on major pipelines if you can. NDGJM, stop claiming responsibilities for bombings carried out by wannabes and aggrieved youths that are not part of your group.”

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