Niger Delta Militants Accuse Buhari Of Corruption, Threatens More Attacks


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The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate militant group has on Monday issued fresh threats to the president, Muhammadu Buhari.

The group in a statement released by its spokesman, Aldo Agbalaja accused the president and his cabinet of corrupt dealings adding that the Buhari-led administration lacked sincerity.

The group further vowed never to join the ceasefire agreement other militant groups had entered into with the President adding that it will continue to attack oil installations in the Niger Delta region.

The group in its statement warned oil companies in the Niger Delta region and military personnel “to watch out for the next big statement. It shall shake your imaginations.”

The statement further added: “The chickens seem to be coming home to roost now. The truth is dawning on the blacklegs that are working to short-change their people will always backfire. When the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate said we were out to engage the oppressors to the last, some snickered and bluffed, their indignation became most annoying when those pretenders called Avengers gave life to our prediction and announced a ceasefire. Now they are all coming back to the basics; falling back in line after seeing, first hand, that we have been right all along about the Nigerian Federal Government; it is a corrupt system that should never be trusted.

“However, we are using this medium to warn the Nigerian Armed Forces to properly advise their leadership; militarisation of our region can only lead to an avoidable armed confrontation and if this happens, we swear by the gods and ancestors of our land, we shall ensure it is a long and tedious campaign that the Nigerian state will forever regret.”

The group also disclosed its plans to launch the ‘Operation Hammurabi Code’ stating that “Until we see a sincere and genuine step towards a just and equitable mending of the injustices of all the years past done to our people, this war shall persist and we can guarantee that they cannot win this one, even if they get all the world’s arsenal assembled behind them.

“Operation Crocodile Tears is the mildest of what the world should expect from us, by the time we initiate the phase II and get started with ‘Operation Hammurabi Code’ only God knows what will then become of these plains called Nigeria.”

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