Nigeria Army Troops Repel Boko Haram Attack Again in Borno


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The Boko Haram situation is getting worrisome in North- eastern Nigeria as the extremist group continues to grow bolder with the dawn of a new day. News filtering out of the theatre of operations has confirmed that gallant troops of the Nigerian Army have repelled another attack by the Boko Haram terrorists on Dikwa community in Borno State.

This latest attack was confirmed by the Director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Texas Chukwu, in a statement issued on Sunday.

In the statement, he revealed that elements of Boko Haram terrorists had attempted to enter Dikwa through the eastern end of the town but were intercepted by gallant troops of the Nigerian Army.

According to the Brigadier General, some of the terrorists escaped with gunshot wounds due to the superior firepower of the Nigerian troops who repelled the attack.

He also disclosed that soldiers were in pursuit of the fleeing Boko Haram terrorists and no casualty was recorded on the side of the Nigerian Army during the attack.

The General disclosed further that about 20 men armed with locally made guns, pistols, bows and arrows were intercepted along Nasarawa- Abuja road; the men claimed to be hunters but investigations were ongoing to unravel the true identities of the men.

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Independent sources have been reporting the convergence and re-emergence of Boko haram around the Lake Chad region for a while now. But the information seemed to have been downplayed by the Nigerian government who insist that Boko haram terrorists have been decimated and were not capable of carrying out large scale attacks in the North-east.

Recent reports have however been the opposite of the claims of the Nigerian government. Despite censorship by the Nigerian government, news continue to filter out of the North-east, lake Chad and neighbouring Niger and Cameroon about increasing Boko haram activities.

Nigeria Army had recently buried soldiers who were killed in an Ambush during an assault operation against the extremist group. The troops had also recently repelled an assault against a military base in Borno.

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