Nigeria Customs boss Allegedly Flouts Buhari’s Directive, Flies First Class


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The Comptroller General of Customs, Hamid Ali has been accused of flying first class on a British Airways flight BA83 from London to Abuja.

The report exclusively on PREMIUM TIMES stated that many passengers on the plane saw the head of customs in first class which is in contradiction to the directive of the Federal Government.

In April the Federal Government issued a directive stating that government officials were no longer allowed to fly first class on official trips in a bid to cut down on government spending.

PREMIUM TIMES reports that sources inside the Customs office claim the trip official though there has been no official confirmation of this.

“It was a major talking point among some passengers whether the policy (barring public officials from flying first class) is being implemented with exceptions or whether it is meant for the shelves,” a source on the plane said.

A first class ticket for the trip from London to Nigeria is believed to cost around N3.4m.

When asked about the incident, Wale Adeniyi, spokesman for the Customs denied it, saying Ali had been on business class.

Other passengers disagree though with one saying, “That is not true, I was on business class, and I was awake most of the flight. So if you line up those on business class during that flight, I can identify them.”

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