Nigeria is more divided than in 1960 -Moghalu

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The former deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), Professor Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu, who was also 2019 presidential candidate of the Young People’s Part (YPP), talked about the problems of Nigeria after 59 years of independence and he also rendered solutions to move the country forward.

When asked about the country, he said,” Nigeria is a country that has failed to become a nation even though it can, a country that has been hurtling in reverse gear instead of moving forward, wallowing in the delusion of its “potential” instead of working hard to realize it, and falsely believing that it is a great country simply because it has a large population or because its incompetent leaders have consistently paid lip service to the illusions of our greatness. In nearly 60 years, the main distinction we have achieved is that in 2019 we are the poverty capital of the world. We are at the bottom of most human development indices and our average GDP per capital since 1960 is about $1600.
Today, Nigeria is more divided than in 1960. But I think this sorry state also presents us an opportunity to ask ourselves hard questions and begin to do the right things to build a nation and make progress.

During the interview, he talked about his view on The Presidents performance so far. He said, “I believe his performance in his first term was dismal. I ran for President because I believe I have a better vision for Nigeria and far better preparation to lead Nigeria into the 21st century as a modern, united, and prosperous nation. It’s still early in his second term, so let’s see how things unfold. I criticized the profile of his ministerial cabinet list broadly, although there may be one or two exceptions, but commended the President’s appointment of an independent Economic Advisory Council.

Also talking about Vice President Osibanjo, He said:”I would not want to comment on that question because I think it is speculative. I am not involved in or with the Presidency’s daily workings so I don’t have enough information to delve into it.

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He went on to give his opinion on how Nigeria can move forward, He said,”Number one, fundamental electoral reform so that our democracy can become a real one. Our votes must count and be counted transparently. We need electronic/digital voting; the same way we reformed the payments system in Nigeria to go digital and electronic when  I was a Deputy Governor at the Central Bank of Nigeria with Lamido Sanusi as Governor. The process of voter registration must be simplified. Our citizens need far more effective voter education. And the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, needs to be overhauled, starting with who appoints the chairman and members of the commission. It should not be the President doing so, or at least it should be on the recommendation of independent voices in the judiciary and civil society. Also, constitutional restructuring is essential if Nigeria is to survive and thrive. Third, we must begin a conscious search for competent and visionary citizens as our political leaders.



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