Nigeria Ranked 2nd In World’s Poorest Electricity Supply


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Nigeria has been ranked in the second worst position for electricity supply in the world.

The only country above Nigeria in the Spectator Index of the world’s worst electricity is Yemen, while Haiti is the third worst.

The Spectator indexed 137 countries, and released a short report via its Twitter handle on Monday.

On January 14, 2018, Nigeria generated 3,081MW.

Worst electricity supply, 2017. (out of 137 countries)

1. Yemen
2. Nigeria
3. Haiti
4. Lebanon
5. Malawi
10. Venezuela
23. Pakistan
25. Argentina
29. Ethiopia
37. Bangladesh
41. South Africa
42. Sri Lanka
45. Algeria
46. Philippines
50. Turkey (WEF)”.

The platform also ranked Nigeria in other areas as follow:

Nigeria ranking, 2017. (of 137 countries)

Roads quality: 127th
Airport quality: 125th
Electricity supply: 132nd
Education system: 120th
Math and science: 118th
Innovation: 112th
Life expectancy: 133rd
Security: 127th
Trust in politicians: 130th.

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