Nigeria ranks third-worst in global good government index


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Singapore-based Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) has ranked Nigeria as the third-worst country in its good government index.

CIG, which is devoted to supporting public sector leaders in the governance challenges they face, launched its inaugural index on Monday.

Described as the world’s most comprehensive index of effective national government, the index was designed to show the importance of investing time and energy into enhancing the skills of public servants and the structures they operate within in order to deliver a better, more sustainable future.

“Based on over 50 open data sources, the CGGI measures the effectiveness and capabilities of 104 governments across the world, which account for almost 90% of the world’s population.

“The index focuses on seven pillars, namely: Leadership & Foresight; Robust Laws & Policies; Strong Institutions; Financial Stewardship; Attractive Marketplace; Global Influence & Reputation; and Helping People Rise.

“The Index utilises a rigorous methodology developed in consultation with government practitioners, leaders, index experts and researchers in governance,” the report read in part.

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Nigeria ranked 102nd out of the 104 nations accessed with 0.319 points, followed by Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

Africa’s top spot went to Mauritius, as the Indian Ocean island nation secured 0.567 index points to rank 38th overall on the list.

The highest-ranked nation was Finland with 0.848 points, followed by Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.

Founder of CIG, Mr. Richard F. Chandler said, “The governance competition is the most important contest in the world today; it is the deciding factor in whether nations prosper. Well-governed countries attract capital and talent, which enable marketplace innovation, leading to strong companies and vibrant economies. This in turn, enables greater investment in public services, creating a virtuous cycle.

“Launching the inaugural Index in the middle of a global pandemic has reinforced the positive impact of good governance, as well as the dangerous consequences of weak government. Lessons must be learned, and urgently, as governments tackle the critical challenges to the sustainability of our planet and well-being of our communities, while building strong and prosperous nations. ”


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