Nigeria Will Not Divide -U.S


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Despite the troubles, challenges plaguing her, the United States Government still believes that Nigeria is Africa’s light and one nation the world is looking up to.


These were the words of the United States Ambassador to Nigeria,  Stuart Symington, while speaking at an event to mark the 24Ist independence anniversary of the Unites States.


According to him, one thing that makes Nigeria great, like America, it her diversity, adding that Nigeria inspires many countries in the world.


“Every time we have been challenged , we overcame danger because we had visionary leaders committed to union and citizens committed to ensuring justice for all,” Stuart Symington said.
“Today , Nigeria is fortunate to have such leaders and citizens . Together , they are dedicated to keeping Nigeria united and just and to ensuring every Nigerian is heard and taken into account and treated fairly .


“Together , those Nigerians will overpower any call to divide this nation. Thanks to them, thanks to you , the lamp of unity and justice burns brightly both in our nations tonight . And the sight of a united Nigeria ’ s light lifts Africa and with it, the world. ”


Speaking further, the Ambassador noted that, “ Wherever I meet a Nigerian , I ask ‘ What do you like the most about your country?’ I like our diversity , our resilience , our energy , our warmth , our spirit , our food.


“Just like the United States , Nigeria is a wonderfully diverse nation whose differences and diversity are sources of strength and reason for pride.”


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