Nigeria will not make progress as it is – Beautiful Nubia


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Singer and poet, Dr. Segun Akinlolu aka Beautiful Nubia says Nigeria is headed for failure if the present state of affairs persists.

He said this in a Twitter thread Wednesday morning, stating that only total reform and rearrangement would bring development.

Beautiful Nubia noted that the problem with Nigeria was not “killer Fulani herdsmen, rabblerousing Yoruba thug-statesmen, troublesome Biafra champions, EndSars Yahoo activists” but “dishonest, evil-minded, self-centered, greedy Nigerians”.

The Roots Renaissance Band leader said it did not matter if they were Muslims and Christians; male or female.

“They are Fulani, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ibibio, Ijaw, Kanuri, Nupe, Edo, etc. They are our brothers, sisters & friends, our heroes & benefactors; they are a true reflection of us – selfish, shortsighted, lawless and backward-minded.”

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The 53-year-old castigated the British for laying a “faulty foundation” for Nigeria and lambasted Nigerian leaders for sustaining the fraud.

“The problem with Nigeria began with a fraudulent foundation laid by her creators, and the country has since its birth been operated fraudulently.

“Today, fraud is the blood that courses through its veins.

“The way forward is to first, acknowledge our individual role in this mess and start by fixing the self.

“Then we take on the community. Nigeria will not make progress as it is. It needs total reform and rearrangement in order for it to be a blessing to its people – present and future. And even if you want to break it up, shouldn’t you embrace honesty and truth first?

“Otherwise, whatever you’ll end up with will still be a fraud.”


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