Nigerian Lesbian And Activist Wins Legal Battle Against Britain After 13 Years, Granted Asylum

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A gay Nigerian activist has won her legal battle against Britain 13-years after initiating the battle in search for an asylum.

The activist, Aderonke Apata, who feared being killed or imprisoned if she returns home applied for an asylum with the nation but was rejected twice, the second time being in 2015.

The judge while ruling on the case in 2015 stated that he did not believe she was a lesbian.

However, Aderonke Apata’s cause gained wide publicity and interest from LGBTQ groups.

Further information revealed that the lesbian in desperation to prove her sexuality and cause for the asylum sent a private video to the judge as proof.

Multiple petition were thereafter submitted to aide the Ms Apata’s asylum bid which gained thousands of signatures.

Also, a social media page on Facebook, “Asylum for Aderonke” was created for update and it has been updated that the Nigerian activist has since been granted her application for asylum.

The page updated that Aderonke has successfully been “granted refugee status.”

Ms Apata after her application was successful took to her social media page to reveal that she was indeed “overwhelmed with gladness,” although she remains angry “knowing that there are other LGBTI people seeking asylum facing the same fear of deportation that I had just overcome.”

She added: :I was just crying on the phone with my solicitor when he broke the news to me,” she said. “I must have embarrassed him. I wasn’t assimilating all of the information he was giving to me on the phone as I was crying and singing.”

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