Nigerian Man Arrested for Selling ‘Cure For AIDS’

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A Nigerian man called Uzoma Eleazer has been arrested in India along with three others for trying to sell what they were calling a ‘Cure for AIDS’ online.

Uzoma had tried to sell what were ctually bitter kola seeds to one Anil Mathur, an Indian for around N10m.

Reports indicate that the pair met online and became friends at which point, Uzoma told Anil that he believed he had some special seeds only grown in Nigeria and which had the special ability to cure AIDS. He also convinced Anil on the viability of selling the ‘cure’ as a business.

Uzoma then proceeded to sell 400gram packets to him at N400,000 each, which is obtainable at just N4,400 per kg in Nigeria.

Uzoma and his accomplices; Taufiq Hussain, Fazal Ahmed Syed and Yogesh Kumar Patil, were finally arrested after police found the mobile phones used in calling Mathur, 3 laptop computers, packets of the bitter kola seeds and about N1.9million in cash.

The police made a statement on the issue saying, “We have arrested Eleazar and his Indian agents, Taufiq Hussain, 47, a resident of Panvel, Fazal Ahmed Syed, 28, and Yogesh Kumar Patil, 31, from Navi Mumbai. All accused have been remanded in police custody till July 27 by a Thane court. We have also seized around 10 mobile handsets using which the accused called Mr. Mathur from different numbers, three laptops, Rs 4.20 lakh in cash and packets containing the seeds. We have appealed to the victims to come forward and register complaints against the accused.”


Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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