Nigerian Man Returns N150million Wrongly Paid Into His Account


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A Nigerian man in Qatar has set a good record and example for Nigerians at home and in diaspora after he returned the whopping sum of N150 million which was mistakenly paid into his account.

The Nigerian man identified as Michael Asemota could have become a millionaire by fraud but instead chose to do the right thing as he reported the erroneous credit to the appropriate authorities.

According to reports, the Nigerian man got a credit alert of the sum of QR1.5 million ($411,127.99) into his account from the bank which caused him to raise the alarm.

Michael Asemota was reported to have opened the said account with a cheque of QR150,200 but upon returning home, he saw a credit notification of QR1,502,000 instead of the cheque value of QR150,200.

The Nigerian man was reported to have returned to the bank where he lodged the complaint to return the money.

Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Asemota noted: “After opening the account with the bank, I checked my balance to make withdrawals for a supply job and found the huge sum. I was amazed and decided to contact the bank.

“I went to see the manager to report the error of QR1,502,000 deposited into my account. After checking for confirmation, the manager gave me a warm handshake in appreciation.”

Revealing his reason behind the action, Asemota added: “I knew the money did not belong to me and shouldn’t be in my account in the first place, so there were no motives and temptations to keep it.”

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