Nigerian Migrant In Italy Cleared of Fine for Sweeping street without permission


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An Italian local council has dropped the charges filed against a Nigerian Migrant who was caught sweeping the street of Mestre, the suburbs of Venice, Italy without permission.

According to BBC report, A 29-year-old Nigeria Migrant, Monday who is unemployed took to sweeping the streets instead of asking for alms to survive.

Monday had earlier received a fine of €350 ($383; £309) as penalty for cleaning without permission. However, Protests forced the hands of the Officials to withdraw the penalty. An online appeal was launched to help in raising money for payment of the fine.

Monday was spotted carrying a placard which read “I would like to integrate myself honestly in your society without asking for alms”

On another Cardboard sign, he wrote “I will keep your street clean and ask only a contribution for my work”

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Matteo D’Angelo, the man who started the online appeal for Monday, wrote on his facebook wall that

“The migrant had swept up leaves that block the drains every time it rains, cigarette butts and all the rubbish that we civilized citizens throw on the ground.”

Matteo continued “Woe betide a poor chap who tries to integrate himself”

Matteo D’Angelo confirmed that €470 had been raised to pay the fine imposed on Monday. (Translated to English)

Police attention got drawn to Monday’s cleaning after complaints were lodged by other residents. The fine has now been withdrawn because of incessant calls from other local residents who have risen to Monday’s Defence.

The BBC reports, Italian Authorities claim the fine was issued by inexperienced Officers who are new to the job.

Immigration has remained a controversy in Italy due to the influx of multitudes of migrants in the past years.




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