Nigerian Parents in Switzerland Say They Are Uncomfortable With School Reopening


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Some Nigerian parents in Switzerland have expressed concern over the European country’s decision to reopen schools, restaurants, and bars after a two-month lockdown imposed to suppress the coronavirus.
The Switzerland authorities had previously announced the reopening of some amenities with effect from May 11 following the adoption of stringent hygiene, data, and social distancing measures.
In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the parents said it was too early for children to return to school as they might not be able to observe the safety protocol recommended for the containment of the coronavirus.
“Children by nature forget things easily. They will get too excited when they reunite with their friends and may not be able to observe social distancing,” Mr Emmanuel Obi said.
Obi, who survived the coronavirus pandemic in spite of exposure during travels, said he was still contemplating whether to allow his three children to return to school.
In the same vein, Mrs Lilian Eweka, whose only child is in kindergarten, said her daughter would stay at home till June.
“I belong to the high-risk group with pre-existing medical conditions.
“I cannot expose my child to (the risk of contracting) the virus because it would ultimately get to me,” Eweka said.
Others, who spoke were unanimous in their decision to shield their children from exposure to the virus.
They were also unanimous in their decision to completely avoid restaurants and bars until the coronavirus curve flattens.
A recent study revealed that children were incapable of infecting adults with the virus.
The same study revealed a contradiction to earlier warnings that children constituted a major risk to older people – as they could easily infect grandparents.
Meanwhile, 15  Switzerland border points with Italy, France, and Austria reopened on Monday but the border crossing with Germany will remain closed until May 15, according to the federal council.
The council shut the borders on March 25 with a view to containing the spread of the coronavirus from neighbouring countries.
According to the authorities, 30,344 people have tested positive for the virus, just as 1,543 deaths have so far been recorded in the country.

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