Nigerian Girl Narrates How She Escaped Being Raped By Faking Asthma Attack


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Fayo, a Nigerian based photographer narrates how she escaped being raped by a cultist while she spent the weekend with her final year boyfriend. She tweeted her ordeal in the hands of a cultist in Osun after she abandoned her weekend getaway in Cotonou to be with her then-boyfriend who was in his final year in a private university in the state.

She narrated that she and her then-boyfriend started talking in 2015 but she did not pay any attention to him. She called him during his birthday and they spoke for about 45 minutes. That was the beginning of what she tagged “madness.” She described him as “bearded dark-skinned Yoruba man. Few months after they started talking he invited her to his cousins’ wedding in Ibadan. She left her school in Abeokuta to attend the wedding. That was the first time of them seeing physically and she caught feelings instantly.

While she was on a weekend getaway in Cotonou he called her saying he missed her. So, she packed her bags on a Sunday morning and left for Osun where she stayed with her boyfriend and his friends in a three-bedroom apartment. The next day, her then-boyfriend left her at home with his friends’ girlfriend has he had to see his project supervisor. As supportive partners, the duo decided to cook for their men before they got back from school. Unfortunately, there was no water in the house, so the other lady suggested they fetched water from a nearby well.

On getting to the well, they encountered the other ladies’ ex who turned out to be a cult member. After exchanging pleasantries, the cultist asked the other lady to go while Fayo should stay. She hesitated and said, “Sorry o, but you just told the person you’re familiar with to go and you’re asking me to stay back, for what exactly?” After the question she looked at them, smiled and told them to go. They fetched their water, relaxed outside for a bit before going inside the house.

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As they entered the house someone bumped into them. They turned back and saw it was the alleged cultist, the other girl stood up defensively and Fayo stood behind her. He flung her away and told Fayo “so, you dey show yourself ba.” Fayo wanted to confront him but while speaking she was slapped twice, at that point she realized she could have been beaten to comma, so, she ran into the room and locked the door. She stayed in there till her boyfriends’ friends came back from where they went.

They then advised that both girls go to the female hostel to stay until the issue calmed down. That evening they were gathered outside talking about the days’ event when the alleged cultist passed on a bike and pointed at her. She smiled to avoid any further confrontation but he wasn’t having any of it. so he got down and approached her. She later found herself struggling to breathe as he strangled her. People around successfully begged him to stop and he let her go.

He gave her an hour to leave the premises, her boyfriends’ friends advised that she begged the alleged cultist if she wanted to enjoy her stay. After a lot of back and forth, she agreed on the condition that they all went with her. On getting to his room, he told them to wait outside and only her to come in. she pleaded with him and he asked if she had ever had oral sex. He told her to pull off her cloth and Fayo started to cry. Seeing her tears, he brought out a pistol, she said her last prayers and continued begging.

The alleged cultist was not moved by her tears, he pulled the trigger and she faked an asthma attack. She tweeted “… that day I was grateful for being asthmatic cos I faked it so bad that he started begging me not to die in his room, I’d hold my breath for about 5 mins and start gasping for air. The guy didn’t touch me that day.” The next day she packed her load and went back to her school.

The then-boyfriend called off the relationship after a month because he could not be with someone who was raped by a cultist.

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