Nigerian Surgeon Harvests Lady’s Ovary Instead Of Appendix, Botched Two Other Surgeries

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A Nigerian Senior Surgeon, Dr Lawal Haruna, 59, has been branded a ‘danger to patients’ after he reportedly harvested a patient’s ovary instead of her appendix.

The Nigerian medical practitioner who has been struck off was reported to have botched three surgical procedures in two years, one of the botched surgeries included the removal of a woman’s ovary because he said the appendix and fallopian tubes were similar ‘worm-like structures’ located in the same area.

The woman, unnamed, went into surgery presided over by the Nigerian doctor at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust in Sheffield, South Yorkshire after she was admitted for abdominal pain.

The Nigerian doctor however removed one of the patient’s ovaries during the course of the surgical procedure and leaving her appendix which further caused the patient pains.

The Doctor further messed up on two other occasions after he mistook a lump of fat for an appendix and in other case, he mistook a skin tag for a harmful lump.

Haruna who claims to have 25 years working experience in the medical field subsequently dismissed the surgical errors as “trifling errors” adding that “the appendix and fallopian tubes were similar ‘worm-like structures which lie in a similar area.”

The surgeon who represented himself before the court in Manchester and defended his actions stated that he had ‘poor vision’ at the time he carried out the surgery.

He was later found guilty of misconduct by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, a disciplinary panel and banned him from treating patients.

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