“Nigerian Twitter Is About Destruction”- Ireti Doyle


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Veteran Nollywood actress, Iretiola Doyle has voiced her opinion on how she feels about Nigerian twitter.

Ireti Doyle noted that Nigerian twitter is mainly involved in bringing people down instead of finding justice, with the exception of a few.

She wrote: “With the exception of a few small but mighty spaces truly out here doing the Lord’s work, Twitterng is very rarely about justice. It is about destruction.
Know this, know peace and tread accordingly.

Meanwhile, Russians have voted overwhelmingly to allow President Vladimir Putin extend his role as leader of the country until 2036.

Polls opened earlier in the week to allow Russians Vote for a series of reforms which include allowing Putin to run for an extra two terms in office.

The polls which were open for one week closed with 74% of the counted votes supporting Putin’s iron hand Leadership of the Kremlin nation.

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Critics say the referendum was marred with pressure mounted on voters. They further described the week long exercise which has never happend in Russian democratic history as manipulated to keep Putin in Power.

Putin mounted a massive media campaign compared to the weak and scattered attempts by the opposition to prevent him from achieving his goal.

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