Nigerian Woman Bravely Chooses To Stand By White Doctor Husband Who Bedded Prostitute


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Sheyi Pemsell, the wife of a trainee anaesthetist in the United Kingdom, Dr Rupert Pemsell, who is facing disciplinary action after he had sex with an escort while on duty, has chosen to stand by her husband.

Dr Pemsell had slept with the 29-year-old escort, Leanne Kennedy in December 2013, in a side room while on night shift at the Queen Anne Hospital in Southampton, a situation her associates had wanted to exploit by blackmailing him for £10,000, to keep it all a secret.

At the time of the act, Sheyi was pregnant with the couple’s second child.

The doctor was forced to go to the police after the blackmailers threatened to harm his wife and children, when they realised he would not fall in line with their plan.

The two blackmailers were later caught and jailed in 2014.

However, police also found a picture on the doctor’s iPhone of a patient with a bottle lodged in her bottom, The Sun UK reported.

While facing a medical tribunal, Dr Pemsell, 32, said his 40-year-old wife had been “extremely supportive”, and blamed his travails on porn addiction.

Earlier, the doctor’s wife was said to have called her younger husband “baby” and accepted his explanations.

Dr Pemsell was suspended by the hospital board but later resigned.

He is currently battling to keep his license.

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