Nigerian Woman Declares Love For Her Uber Driver On Twitter


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A Nigerian Lady took to her Twitter to gush about an Uber driver whom she rode with and whom she claimed she would be willing to marry.

The Twitter user by the name of Osha Blem Blem, enthused about the Uber driver espousing his qualities such as his voice and mannerisms.

She also told her followers that she would hope for a call from him and that if he didn’t call, she would take it upon herself to call him and she would make him her husband.

She wrote:”The last uber I took today….. daaaammmmmnnnnnn driver was fine as fuck. I’m in love with him, I won’t mind marrying him honestly. He’s so fiiiiiiinnnneeeee and soft spoken 😍😍but I won’t call him 🙄 two of us will b loving ourselves from afar (that’s if he even likes me sef)

“😍😍😍😍 his smile though, and his voice too… Plus two times he called me babe 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 to God who made me all that nigga has to do is ask me to marry him, even if he’s inside a hole I don’t mind 😭😭😭 this is true love.

“I’m going to give him 2wks to call me n follow up, else I’ll hunt him down, toast him, and husband him 😒 nonsense 🙄😒😍😍😍

“On second thought , I’m going to call the uber guy now cos two weeks is a long time. The problem is what am I going to say now o😭”

Her latest status, however, show that perhaps things didn’t go so well as she posted that the Uber driver never did call back and she herself got a case of cold feet and was unable to call him to further anything.

Her tweet read: “sooo….. Uber guy didn’t call back, I didn’t call him, the ginger don die, we move 😖”

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