Arewa Twitter: Nigerians Agog Over Lavish Pictures of Young Rich Northerners


Today, 25 May, 2020, Arewa Twitter is trending on popular social media platform Twitter and Nigerians are going agog over it.

Arewa Twitter as the name implies represents the northern Nigeria space of the twitter platform in the country which comprises of majorly descendants of Arewa origin.

The trend began this morning when a particular twitter user identified as Drift Sensei @capt_Awwal posted pictures of luxury automobiles on his page ranging from the latest Rolce Rolces to Bentleys and BMWs that cost hundreds of millions of Naira during the Eid Celebrations.

The post quickly attracted comments from thousands of Nigerians expressing their praise and admiration for the individual. However, one question that drew a reply from the shearer of the pictures was asked by another user @AlfredNaingba. He asked Drift Sensei how many Rolce Royce vehicles his father had.

He responded saying “three”

Conversation Between Drift Sensei @capt_Awwal and @AlfredNaingba

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Nigerians went on to make several comments in total awe of what they saw in the pictures posted by other members of the northern Nigeria Twitter community.

One @He_letrate wrote “Arewa Twitter will make you understand that iPhone ain’t shit. As in iPhone 11 ain’t nothing.”

Another @RealDreylo said “Arewa Twitter didn’t come to play. I’ve seen Rolls Royce, Bentley, G-Wagon. Just for Eid pic on the timeline. On God people get money.”

One other @ti_ayo wrote “Arewa Twitter are the most coded set of people on here. They don’t come online and make unnecessary noise or show off. They are low key enjoying their fathers’ money with no stress”


Here are some other posts from the community consisting of flashy luxury automobiles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this video parked in the compound are the Rolce Royce Phantom, Bugatti Veyron among other expensive cars.

In this post is the picture of a young northerner with a young lady presumed to be his wife. Parked behind is a Bentley.

In a hilarious post, one @534_angeli compared the northern and southern Nigeria community on twitter. She said “this life no balance.” In the picture on the left frame is a young male northerner holding a child. Parked behind is a Maserati.

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