Nigerians Bash ‘Baba Ijebu’ Over Video Showing Buruji Kashamu Seeking Forgiveness On Deathbed


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Billionaire businessman, Adebutu Kessington aka ‘Baba Ijebu’ has been severely criticised on social media after a video showing late rival, Buruji Kashamu pleading for forgiveness surfaced online.

A journalist, Kayode Ogundamasi, who shared the video on Wednesday, wrote, “Late Buruji Kashamu had called Adebutu Kensington to seek forgiveness and reconciliation over some business disagreement while on his sickbed.”

While Kessington is the founder of Premier Lotto, popularly known as ‘Baba Ijebu’, Kashamu founded Western Lotto, which sought to challenge the former’s dominance in the lotto industry in the country.

Earlier in the year, Western Lotto sued 24 lotto operators, including Premier Lotto, for allegedly violating its exclusive rights to sell and promote Ghana Games in Nigeria.

The case is still in court.

But in the video also shared by Sahara Reporters, Kashamu can be heard speaking in Yoruba and telling the older Kessington to forget their past differences and forgive him.

However, Kessington said he would only take the pleading seriously when Kashamu has withdrawn all pending lawsuits he filed against him.

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Kashamu died of COVID-19 complications on August 8.

Watch video:

Reacting, many Nigerians berated Kessington for video-recording his private conversation with then ailing Kashamu, saying it portrayed lack of human feelings.

They said the video would not have been leaked if it was not recorded in the first place.

A commentator, Nedu Ekeke wrote, “How did this conversation make it to social media?”

Another commentator, Nwa Igbo wrote, “Since he was asking for forgiveness, he’s the bigger person but the old man who decided to use this and score cheap political capital didn’t calculate this well.

“This shouldn’t have been recorded in the first place.”

A journalist, Mercy Abang wrote, “This leak tells more about Baba Ijebu than it does of Buruji…”

Emeka Anene stated, “Now why did someone think this should be posted on social media? Why?

“The man made peace with his adversaries before he left so what is the gain in bringing to the public? Hmmm.”

Ambrose Ogbunambala also said, “Kashamu had the GRACE to humble himself to reconcile and seek forgiveness.

“He departed a LIGHTER and more SERENE soul. Chief Adebutu can play the video daily on CNN for all he cares but he should try more to draw lessons from this event. He too is in ‘departure’ lounge.”


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