Nigerians Come for African Americans After J-Cole’s Concert


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Jermaine Cole, or J-Cole as he’s more famously known, performed at the Eko Hotel and Suites on Friday to a mammoth crowd who all had a good time.

The rapper was taken aback that Nigerians knew his lyrics and his songs and he took to his Instagram page to upload photos from the concert.

However, some African American trolls decided to spoil things making highly disparaging remarks about Nigeria and Africa.

Some expressed surprise that Nigerians owned iPhones, others seemed shocked that Nigeria owned a stage, others commented on Africa’s poverty stating that J-cole robbed Nigerians and left them poor.

Nigerians ever the fiery people refused to take this lying down and unleashed a torrent of abuse on African Americans, calling them hypocrites.

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  1. Darryl Kendrick Jackson says

    I think both sides should chill although Africans in America can be just as nasty to Americans blacks who by the way are Indigenous to America African slavery is drawn out of proportion, but that narrative along with snobbish attitude towards us by our cousins across the Aethiopian Sea when the call us akata when the slave bullish was taught to us by colonial education not by us. Africans are treated like crap in Europe and Asia and as for America as long as they crap on us are treated fairly well. This is the only place they have a group to crap on and they do so it’s two ways and both are wrong.

  2. Action News says

    BTW Nigeria if you would of looked at the profiles of those ppl you would of seen those commenters were Hispanics and white, mostly Hispanics latinos. Kinda racist to assume it was us, one of us defended u guys until you guys started wilding

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