Nigerians Fight Over Osinbajo’s Visit To Ondo Primary School


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s decision to visit Alagbaka Estate Primary School on Friday while on a working visit to Ondo state has continued to generate controversy.

While in the school, Osinbajo, a former university lecturer, decided to teach the children English language and dine with them as part of assessment of the Federal Government’s School Feeding Programme.

After the visit, he tweeted about his experience, “I used to be a University Lecturer but I can tell you, there is something special about reading to and teaching children.

I was blown away with how clever the Primary 3 pupils of Alagbaka Estate Primary School were.

Feel like such a proud father.”

Osinbajo also posted photos of the visit on his verified Twitter page.

Osinbajo and the pupils

But many Nigerians on social media used the opportunity to criticise some of the vice president’s action in the school while many saw nothing wrong in them.

See tweets:

@genuis1e tweeted, “Why didn’t you use the chalk board (like a normal primary school teacher would and see if you’d be able to impact well) instead of using a tab”

@EnitanToluwalo2 replied, “So he cannot impact until he writes on the chalkboard?! Impartation goes beyond writing on the chalkboard, those children will not forget the experience in a long while, I tell you!”

@Bobaneej “He shouldn’t be using a microphone o”

@EnitanToluwalo2 replied, “Go and collect it from him!”

@Jseecaar said, “Lol… They picked the best and brightest to put in one class. The dull ones were hiding somewhere o… Same thing happened while I was in school! If you know, you know…”

@erhasolomon replied, “So were you amongst those hiding somewhere?”

@MeccaUS said, “Nigerians will NOT fall for this scam this time around.”

@McPhamous replied, “which scam mr?”

@Mrgiftt replied, “We are in a political season these politicians will start showing unusual love dats the scam!”

@henrydeary also replied, “Same thing you did to market women prior to 2015, not sure you ve ever been to the market, and just after you won the price of commodities sky rocketed, rice went from 7k to 18k. Nigerians are wiser now. This propanganda no go work again”

@miss_ayomide said, “I believe you have no idea what the price of rice is now. Also, this is not propaganda. The VP is simply displaying part of his leadership role and responsibility (to lead and direct).

@Trip_KOBE replied, “It’s as if Osinbanjo is your uncle. Wherever they mention his name you’re running there ready to defend him.
Rudiger Osinbanjo 😂😂”

@McPhamous said, “indeed you are a father sir,God bless u real good sir,keep the good work going”

@mrgiftt replied, “Yu have hidden agenda this boy with all what is going on in Nigeria yu can still open your mouth to say keep the good work ….which good work?”

@McPhamous restated, “No hidden agenda old man,only the blind will say this country has not been progressing since dey came to power,no be matter of centiment,this government has really done well nd my vote is for dem come 2019✔️shikena

@championoluseun then replied, “It can’t be a matter of “centiment” it has to be a matter of ‘continent’ and mind you, what’s the centimeter?”

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