Nigerians Hailed Zuckerberg For Wearing T-Shirts But Criticize Me- Fayose


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Ekiti Governor Ayodele Fayose has criticized Nigerians calling them hypocrites for hailing Mark Zuckerberg for wearing t-shirts and condemning him for doing the same.

There had been a lot of comments made on Zuckerberg’s dress sense as many saw it as a sign of humility that he cared less about how he dressed.

Fayose on an occasion he went to the National Assembly in a T-Shirt was roundly criticized for the move.

He said this in his  #FayoseSpeak series. He also talked in the series about his plan to go round the local governments to monitor workers to ensure they resumed at their offices.

Fayose said,  “If your salary is N100,000, know fully now that you are collecting N50.000 all because of the economy recession in the country, what you are buying in market is now times three of the initial price.

“Soon there would be free health care across the state because majority couldn’t afford hospital bill due to the current economy recession.

“LG autonomy is a must and there is no going back on it here in Ekiti because the LG must be allowed to function.

“Because of bad state of the country’s economy, a lot of Nigerians can no longer afford medicare. People are now going to spiritualists to seek treatment for their ailments.

“Whatever I do, they will condemn. When I wore T-shirt to the House of Assembly, they said I didn’t dress properly. But when the Facebook founder came to Nigeria, wearing T-shirt and jeans, they hailed him. They said he was humble. Hypocrites, that’s what they are.

“They are worried because what they failed to do, I am doing and they will remain in that state of worries.

“I declare whatever comes to Ekiti from the Federation Account every month and technology has even made it compulsory for leaders to be transparent. If I don’t tell Ekiti people what their monthly income is, they can always get it on the Internet.

“On Ekiti State at 20, I want to thank God specially. When Ekiti was 10, I was the governor, I’m also governor when Ekiti will be 20.

“Ekiti people should come out and x-ray those that have ruled this State and tell the world who impacted most on the state.

“Of all the governors put together, Fayemi got the highest fund. His govt got more money than Adebayo, Oni and my govt put together.

“Most of the landmark projects in Ekiti State were done by me.

“Since 2014 October that I assumed office, we have not had any political killing in Ekiti.”

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