Nigerians making a mistake, insecurity not a problem under Buhari – General Williams


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Retired Major-General Ishola Williams says Nigeria is not witnessing insecurity under the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

He said that the challenge confronting Nigerians was that of public safety, noting that Nigeria could only be said to be experiencing insecurity if she was being attacked by another nation.

The notable anti-corruption crusader stated this in an interview with Saturday Sun to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the Buhari presidency.

“I don’t think we have a problem of insecurity in Nigeria. What we have mostly is problem of public safety. We don’t have insecurity because no nation is engaging us in war.

“All these problems of kidnapping, and abductions are not that of insecurity but that of public safety. What we have is that the people are not safe.

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“The South West went ahead and created Amotekun, and with the creation of the outfit, security is improving in the South-West.

“The South East have also created their own which they call Ebubeagu. Some states in the north created Hisbah long time ago. And in every state, there are vigilantes. So there is confusion all over the place as to who is responsible for the public safety.

“It is for the National Assembly to have a look at the situation and say, with the situation we have in this country now, do we not need to have a law that will remove all these confusions or reduce the confusions to the minimum and remove the issue of vigilantes?

“Now that they have set up Amotekun by law in each South-West state, what is left for the National Assembly is to regularise the situation.  

“And for those who are shouting about Amotekun, what is the meaning of Hisbah? Is Hisbah is not a government agency like Amotekun?  So why are they crying about Amotekun and they are not talking about Hisbah?”

He said that the public safety challenge would be overcome with community policing.

“Without community policing, we can’t solve most of these problems. If we don’t have community policing, there is going to be serious problems because the Nigeria Police as presently constituted can’t solve the security challenges facing the country. Again because of the corruption going on in the security agencies, they don’t want any change in the status quo, and it is not their fault. The fault is with Mr President.

“Buhari should have given a marching order to those in charge of the nation’s security architecture, giving them an ultimatum on the security issues, especially kidnapping, and banditry. The nation’s present security architecture is not working. Those in charge of our security system are not working. They are incompetent.”

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