“Panti after Party” – Nigerians mock Funke Akindele after Police Arrest

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Funke Akindele in handcuffs while being arrested in her home

Following the arrest of popular Nollywood Actress Funke Akindele Bello who hosted a birthday party for her husband amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Nigerians have come out in their numbers to berate the actress.

The Herald earlier reported that Funke who was arrested Sunday evening, spent the night at State Criminal Investigation Department SCID office in Panti, Lagos state

Nigerians have seized the moment to mock the actress over her arrest after she was found guilty of flouting the social distancing directive amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

These are some of the reactions culled from Twitter;

It’s another hit. “Panti after Party” Funke Akindele ft Nairamarley

Produced by JJC @JJCSKILLZ



Funke Akindele is in police custody because she threw a birthday party for her husband – Prisoner for love



Funke arrested

Naira Marley asked to report himself or be declared wanted. Some accountability restored.

No, you’re not a bad belle for clamouring that the right thing is done. You are simply a Nigerian that loves Nigeria, till you probably go to your real country


Funke Akindele got arrested, lost her ambassadorial role, NCDC pulled her off, Dettol have also removed her, she will face the penalty of either 1 month jail term or N100k fine. All for a party she could have celebrated lowkey and still remain at peace. Action has consequences.


This is really a structural and behavioral adjustment and a deterrent to others. Well done.



See Fake Love, You Flee Leaving Wife Funke Akindele Inside Prison Highly disappointed in you JJC Skillz!



While Funke Akindele was being dragged on Twitter, Instagram people were busy telling her “much love mama”

See why I love Twitter, No ass licking(except for the shameless few), If you fuck up, Twitter will reason your matter. Twitter won again….I’m never leaving this app!!!



They arrested Funke Akindele, the husband JapaLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face

Men will embarrass you Weary faceWeary face

I hear Lagos state is set to prosecute Funke Akindele in court over the house party….. Are you saying Funke doesn’t have someone a paddy in the corridors of govt. that can help her quash the case????



Tacha’s schedule is gonna be very busy this week cuz she’s the lawyer handling Funke akindele’s case.


NCDC and Dettol are quick to deny having anything to do with Funke Akindele. Other people in attendance at the party are all on the run. Lesson?


When you mess up, you bear your name by yourself. You are on your own.



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