Nigerians need inspirational music to deal with Recession – Lara George

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From her days in the extinct girl group, Kush, Lara George has always had a powerful voice. Even when she ventured out on her own and became a solo artiste, she was still reckoned with in the music industry.

Having given over 13 years of her life to the Nigerian entertainment industry, it is safe to say Lara has paid her dues. However, she is not a happy woman at the moment.

The buxom songstress is not pleased that inspirational music has been kicked to the sidelines. In an exclusive chat, she listed this as the most important thing she wants changed in the music industry in the coming year.

In her words, “I would like the entertainment industry to be more inclusive of inspirational music, because I feel inspirational music has been too sidelined in this country. I feel Nigerians need a lot of inspiration at this period of economic recession. And the media also needs to be friendlier towards inspirational music. TV and radio stations should stop saying that gospel music can’t be played during the day; it’s not true! People need to be inspired at all hours of the day.”

Sharing a bit of what she has been up to lately, she said, “I just released two new singles, Eyin l’oba and Nobody Greater. They’re available for free downloads for the next one month, and I implore my fans to go out and get them. I’m going into a deeper place in my music with God, and my new album will be full of soulful songs. Some of the songs would also be very upbeat and groovy so there will be something for everyone. It is a very expressive album, and I think that you all might enjoy it.”

The Ijoba Orun crooner also shared her thoughts on Tekno’s disqualification from the Next Rated category of the Headies. “I was personally very sad to hear about his disqualification. I think they should have handled the situation better.

However, I don’t know all the details, and I’m not aware if they had tried to reach out to him several times before wielding the big stick, because he does deserve the nomination. I understand that the Headies feels like it needs to keep people in line, but overall, it should play a more reconciliatory role in the affairs of the industry. Headies need to see itself as some kind of big brother by bringing people together, and not pull the industry apart,” she enthused.

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