Xenophobia: Nigerians raises alarm that South Africans may attack them today


In a text message forwarded to a Vanguard correspondent, some Nigerians have raised the alarm that South African may be planning attacks on foreigners who are to be evacuated.

These messages have been said to circulate amongst Nigerians carrying warnings to be careful as some South Africans also intend to search cabs and buses for foreigners to be killed.

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Below is one of the messages sent to Vanguard correspondent:

“Hello everyone, just wanted to pass this message for us all to be careful against tomorrow (today), as we have just been briefed by a friend from Ntuzuma that tomorrow (today) is going to be terrible in Durban.

Locals will be checking all the taxis to find foreigners… So be alert and be careful. Pass this message to all your friends and family members to caution them about tomorrow (today). If possible, no one must make a move to town tomorrow (today). If you must go out, first wait and watch. What happened in Johannesburg was just a joke. Thanks for your understanding. Be warned.

However, Godwin Adama, the Nigerian Consul-General in Johannesburg, responding to the text messages told Vanguard correspondent that the messages were not authentic.

“It is not authentic, the police authorities have said even the taxi drivers have denied it as well, it is hoax.

“All we are doing right now is to protect the Nigerians who are to be evacuated. It is our responsibility to take care of every Nigerian living in South Africa.’’

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