Nigerians React To Allegations Soyinka Ate Amaechi’s ‘Yams’ In Rivers State


Social media is a very unforgiving space where heroes are turned to zeroes in a matter of mere seconds, depending on the crimes levelled against them.

It is a space where ordinary Nigerians get to vent their feelings and frustrations on the way the National Cake/Yam is shared among politicians and politically exposed persons.

Ever since the onset of Dasuki gate, the term yam, has become a part of the Nigerian lexicon in relation to the anti corruption fight. Nigerians are happy that the onset of the Buhari administration is revealing those who ate the yams that belonged to the masses.

However the conversation has centered mostly around those opposition figures in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who had a taste of the succulent yams. In a surprising turn of events, there have been allegations that Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, while governor of Rivers State threw a banquet for Wole Soyinka. N82 million was allegedly spent, according to the Rivers State government.

We have monitored comments on forums, and other social media platforms. Here is what Nigerians are saying about this:

Victor Azubuike Franklin As far as I am concerned Prof, u have not made any point. Well, I wasn’t expecting u to comment cos u were not the spender, however #82m is way too high for hosting a 3-hours dinner for u… U check it out na, if na ur state Dem do something like that, u for happy???

Prince Richard Ezeh EFCC investigations and invitations are only for the opposition. What a banana republic?

Rita Iorbo Wikeleaks! Prof. Soyinka has spoken, invite Interpol and extend your probe to the international institutions that host him to diners, luncheons, where he freely turns himself.

Assian Etuk Upon all these fact about Ameachi, EFCC has not still see the need of inviting him, then Nigeria is a banana republic.

Heaven At Last Again d man has made it vry him is good,but that amount is too much.let me tell u,if wole knws that they will spend#82m,he will not b part of it at all.wole has no problem,they put his name, cos it is on their hand over note.amaechi is a thieg under apc.pmb knows very well.

Dee Anayo Personally Wole Soyinka should be exempted from this case cos he might not know how much it took holy criminal amaechi to host him. That said which court is amaechi talking about, the court were buhari who is the main beneficiary of amaechi’s embezzlements is the prosecutor, judge and jury smh

Agbede Emmanuel Prof.Soyinka should be ashamed of himself..yam eater

Chukwu Ikechukwu Emmanuel Accurate That is why our old men can’t stand for truth, 82m, this people are so evil

Baba Soyinka please leave big grammar on this matter. Most of the people that are being draged around on the arms deal largasse didn’t know the source of the money yet they are being implicated, so if an #80 million birthday party was organised for from the money of the people of Rivers state, you re answerable to it. Ignorance is not an excuse in the court of law or that of public opinion

Thunder74: I know Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi will not allow any government suspected to be corrupt to organise any party for him. The reason is to avoid getting caught in this kind of mud.

Ally Besta Amaechi kws dat Buhari dnt respect court order dat is why he asked Wike to go to court… Amaechi pls return our money so dat d schlarships abroad can continue…

Okey Besto Saddened but indiferent, entails dat he got somtin in dis regard. But nt his fault, cos it wz a gift. So, Amechi is d culprit here.

Igwe Ejike Please prof.did you collect cash or food and drink?

Wilson Johnson Prof knows he is covered by the fact that he have apc Tag on him. I envy you guys, enjoy yourselfs.

Rock Acash Vic I lOve this man,sOyinka hero,yoUng,intelligent ,stronG, ad most handsome man all over the world,who is badluck jonathan ad co where prof dey,thuinder fire u ugly,blood sucker useless looters

Scribble: Soyinka was dining with the devil and he did not use long spoon and now he is complaining that mud splashed on him. Has he not lost the plot?

Adoga Evbodaghe Funny how soyinka calls wike corrupt, and upholds amaechi above board. Where is the truth in his meaningless rhetoric? Even you wole!

Amadi Justice EFCC will not go because,it involves an APC man


Read Soyinka’s response to the allegations here.

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