Nigerians React As BBC’s kiki Mordi Lobbies For Same Sex Marriage In Nigeria


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Nigerians, in an outrage, have reacted to the statement made by BBC’s Kiki Mordi, which stated that it is a shame on Nigeria for approaching the new year without abolishing the law which prohibits same sex marriage in the Country.

Kiki Mordi had taken to her Twitter handle to state that;

“It’s almost 2020 & same sex marriage is still illegal in Nigeria. Like two people (of the same sex) can love themselves and want to build a family for themselves just like you & I but can’t because it’s illegal for them.”

“A damn shame! We’re already on the wrong side of history.”

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See Reactions:

Tell your children it’s okay to marry themselves too.
“If saying no to same sex marriage keeps us on the wrong side of history, biko let us kuki carry our ancestral sleeping mats and stay there. Hian, this clout chasing should end in 2019 plssss
You are shame to African ethics and values. I’m disappointed because you once showed concerned about the Nigerian society. Awful!
This One stopped making sense after sex for marks documentary.
Kiki I think you ladies should do more to advocate for legalization of safe abortion. Ladies should have right to their own bodies. If they don’t want to keep a baby, they should be free to abort it and not been forced to keep it. Abortion should be legal.
It is always better to keep silent if the quality of your words cannot surpass your silence.
It is ADAM and EVE. We say NO to ADAM and STEVE also ADA and EVE
If rejecting homosexuality put us on the wrong side of history, then let’s be there, forever.
So of all burning issues in Nigeria ATM, this is the one that bothers you most. I thought you were smart but you just sounded like a misguided fopdoodle.

A damn shame!!! For you!!! Why!!! We are all product of our societies and communities but not a product of alien socio- cultural set up. A copy cat syndrome must be resisted by all and sundry. Freedom has limit too.

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